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Subject Outline
Introduction & Definition
History of Project Management
Project Management Steps
Work Breakdown Structure
Team Development
Project Control & Management
Critical Path Scheduling
What are Time-Oriented Management Techniques?
Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off
PERT and CPM:Differences

Project Control & Management

Efficient project control and management is the critical factor for the success of large, complex projects. Both soft facts (open communication and fault tolerance) as well as hard facts (adherence to schedule and budget, stage of completion) must be assessed and influenced. We have therefore developed an effective reporting system for both individual and overall projects, which guarantees management up-to-date reporting in compliance with its requirements.

Our project control and management activities also deal with aspects of the overall control of multiple projects in companies, enabling us to provide effective support for the process of implementing and controlling a project portfolio for a customer.

Target and Customer-based Pricing

Price determination and pricing is the most important control instrument a company has, both externally and internally. Target pricing involves laying down the target cost structure for a service's manufacturing costs, based on a competitive market price.

Customer-based pricing also plays a major role in the organization of billing for internal services (e.g. IT services). We take care to ensure that the customer can influence the quantity and quality of internal services, thus guaranteeing the production of services according to its needs as well as ensuring that services are billed in line with consumption.

Engineering & Development

Technological expertise is the key to identifying the possibilities offered by new forms of communications and innovatively exploiting them. Aurorisoft Communication works with cutting-edge new media technologies and is a driving force in multimedia development. We focus our technical innovation ability in R&D projects across the entire Aurorisoft Group, which receive dedicated support. The forward-looking knowledge acquired through these projects ensures that customers are always a significant step ahead of the rest.

Support for quality management

We establish the extent of IT support you need for documentation, project management and communications, independent of whether you are using EFQM, DIN-ISO, KTQ or other QM and business excellence systems.

Together we develop and implement technological and organizational Aurorisoft Systems with you, transforming your quality management from a "paper tiger" into a universally applied philosophy.

Research & Development

IT research for practical solutions

Aurorisoft Systems monitors the current technological trends for its customers in all the units mentioned above.

In the internal Research & Development unit our consultants and IT architects have access to leading-edge resources for evaluating forward-looking technologies and solutions. We apply a standardized approach to our product evaluations, looking at them not only in isolation, but examining them with other components in a practical context as far as possible.

Our research and development projects are organized in the same way as our projects for customers and we specifically invest in measures aimed at establishing and expanding our expertise in state-of-the-art technologies and applications areas. For example, our Research & Development unit invented the framework J2XML, which enables a configurable B2B connection to any third-party or legacy system.

We formulate the expertise gained in R&D or customer projects in a knowledge base - according to uniform criteria - and make it available to all Aurorisoft employees.