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Subject Outline
Introduction & Definition
History of Project Management
Project Management Steps
Work Breakdown Structure
Team Development
Project Control & Management
Critical Path Scheduling
What are Time-Oriented Management Techniques?
Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off
PERT and CPM:Differences

Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off

          In Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off, all significant human undertakings can be viewed as projects; some have more successful outcomes than others. Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off is essential both to the individual worker planning his own work and the multinational company developing new production facilities for the next century. The first stage is to examine the possible projects, estimating their costs, benefits and risks. The best options are then analyzed in more detail: their costs, time schedules and resource implications are all assessed. For the Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off alternative project plans are considered and the best plan is implemented. Throughout the project the manager must keep control of the schedule, cost and technical quality to ensure successful completion on time and to budget.


          In addition to the common sense about the Time-Cost Trade-Off there are many Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off courses which introduce various techniques and their application. The first part of the course considers the evaluation and selection of projects, while the second part examines their management by taking the trade-off in between. The techniques are illustrated with examples in a variety of industries, including software systems’ developments. A number of case studies will be examined, analyzing some of the dramatic projects of recent years, including:


  • The Challenger disaster, a preventable tragedy?
  • Taurus a 400 Million IT failure?
  • The Channel Tunnel, a financial disaster or a technological triumph?
  • The London Ambulance Service’s computer aid dispatch system.
  • The Jubilee Extension Line, a project fit for a Queen?
  • Chep Lak Kok, Hong Kong's new airport
  • Mekong Hydro development project, reconciling engineering & social development
  • The Scottish Parliament Building, a devolved folly?


Project Management Time-Cost Trade-Off Course Objectives:

  • The course should enable students to:
  • Appreciate the practicalities of project evaluation and management;
  • Understand and use techniques for the evaluation, planning and management of projects;
  • Examine the issues and problems in being a project manager;
  • Experience the use of computer software in project evaluation and management. This will centre on the use of Microsoft Project and Excel